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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 through Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 through Tuesday, September 18, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Former GOP Chair Steele Says He Knows Identity of Op-Ed Writer

Michael Steele
Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele speaking with attendees at the 2017 National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Annual Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona./ Gage Skidmore/Wiki Commons


Former Republican Party National Chairman Michael Steele goes on the record with NNPA Newswire and it turns out there are more resisters inside the White House – a high-level group of Republican resisters to President Donald Trump — not a single individual, but a large and still growing group.

In an NNPA Newswire exclusive, Steele said the damning New York Times op-ed by a senior Trump administration official was likely written by a team of the president’s trusted hierarchy and it’s a clear signal that America is now witnessing a White House in utter chaos.

Steele, who served as party chair from 2009 to 2011, said Trump has devastated the party and has led Republicans to the brink of a midterm that could see a blue wave from sea to shining sea. More ↠

Livingstone College in Hurricane Prepared Mode


SALISBURY - Livingstone College’s Emergency Response Team is monitoring Hurricane Florence closely and taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its students, faculty and staff.

While the path of Hurricane Florence and the impact it would have on this area is still uncertain, there is the possibility of heavy rains, flooding and tropical force winds.

Livingstone College’s Response Team has implemented the following plan:

• Optional evacuation for students effective at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11.

• Livingstone College will be closed to students, faculty and staff Wednesday, Sept. 12, through Saturday, Sept. 15. Essential personnel should report to work. More ↠

Adams, Butterfield and Price Blast DOJ Voting Records Subpoena
Adams, Butterfield, Price


Even though the Trump Administration says it will not legally require voting records from North Carolina until next year, all three of the state’s Democrat congresspersons have expressed outrage, and promise to fight the request.

North Carolina Congressional members Alma Adams (D-NC-12), David Price (D-NC-4) and G.K. Butterfield (D-NC-1) – the only Democrats in the state’s thirteen-member congressional delegation – say they see political shenanigans in the federal subpoenas from the US Dept. of Justice [DOJ], and specifically from U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Robert Higdon, demanding voting records from 44 Eastern North Carolina counties and the State Board of Elections.

Many of those counties have significant Black voter populations. More ↠

Affordable Housing: Part II
Affordable housing being built on St. Paul Property
Affordable housing being built on St. Paul Property / TCN photos by Fran Farrer


CHARLOTTE, NC – The community still marvels over the successes of St. Paul Baptist Church living out their vision of providing affordable housing for not only seniors but those with insufficient incomes to afford a better way of life based on housing costs in the city of Charlotte and surrounding areas.

We encourage other houses of faith regardless of denomination to build partnerships with various city and county entities, banks, philanthropist, and others that can provide funding for such a task; builders willing to work at reduced rates, architects decreasing their design cost, and others willing to work for the cause.

St. Paul was blessed by Rev. Dr. Gregory Moss’s vision More ↠

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