Adams' Statement on the Bipartisan January 6th Select Committee

Alma Adams
Alma Adams

July 30, 2021 11:55AM

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday, Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12) released the following statement on the first meeting of the Bipartisan January 6th Select Committee:

“Today’s meeting of the Bipartisan January 6th Select Committee gave voice to the heroes who defended the United States Capitol from a violent, deadly attack earlier this year,” said Congresswoman Adams. “My heart goes out to the four brave officers who testified today: to Officer Daniel Hodges, who was crushed and pinned down during the insurrection; to Officer Michael Fanone, who was tortured, beaten, and tased until he was knocked unconscious; to Sergeant Aquilino Gonell, who defended our Constitution even as he was beaten by the flag of the country he swore to defend; and to Private First Class Harry Dunn, who was repeatedly called the worst slur in the English language by rioters as he defended the lives of Republican and Democratic Senators alike. Their harrowing testimony about the weapons used against them during the attack, their injuries, and their physical and mental recovery cannot be ignored by people of conscience. Their testimony that the attack was a white nationalist insurrection against our government also cannot be ignored.”

“Furthermore, I appreciate the courage of my colleagues, Representatives Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger, who are standing up to the leaders of their own party in order to get to the truth of the January 6th insurrection. They know as I do, that while every member of Congress made it home safe that night, not every member of our Capitol Police did; and many of those officers who did make it home are still nursing injuries both mental and physical. History will not remember fondly the members of the opposition party who broke their oath to defend our Constitution by trivializing the service and sacrifices of our Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, and others on January 6.”

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