Independent Candidate, Daryl G. Davidson, Sr. for District Court Judge

Daryl Davidson
Daryl Davidson


STATESVILLE, NC – “Fairness of All,” is the motto and theme of Iredell County’s native son, Atty. Daryl G. Davidson, Sr.’s campaign to become the next District Court Judge for District 22A.

Growing up in Iredell County, living in a single-wide, seeing treatment and advantages were not fair for all; and not just citizens of African American decent, or Brown as many describe, citizens (Caucasians included) of low income backgrounds, and those living on dirt streets as well; Independent Candidate, Daryl G. Davidson, Sr. knew then he wanted to do something to change that scenario.

A 1987 graduate of North Iredell High School, those differences appeared before him time-and-time again playing baseball and other sports, school advantages and disadvantages based on social and economic backgrounds always reined high regardless of talent or intellect.

As a first-grader, Davidson will never forget his first proof that unfair biased treatment was not a ‘cancer’ thrown at only people of color, when he saw a young, poor Caucasian girl treated harshly and mocked because of her socio-economic conditions. He saw then it was not just a White-on-Black prejudice; he wanted to grow up to have advantages like the majority population; not being held back due to an address, or the income of his or others parents and grandparents.

After practicing law for more than 20 years, Atty. Daryl C. Davidson, Sr., is ready, knowledgeable and well equipped, for the task of being “Fair to All.”

Davidson earned his first degree in finance from Howard University, after which he accepted a position with Continental Insurance on Wall Street in New York City, quickly moving up the ranks he was promoted to field officer and relocated to Los Angeles, California in February 1992; continuing to elevate in rank, he was relocated to Atlanta, GA, and it was then when he knew it was time to move forward for himself. And this does not include his civic engagement in each community he has lived in, or memberships in organizations that benefit his children.

After receiving a fellowship in 1994 from the University of Iowa, Davidson enrolled and earned his law degree, and knew then it was time to return home to make a difference. He had worked previously with the James Mallory Law Firm, and upon his return, they welcomed him as a practicing attorney, and he later earned a working partnership, for which he was truly grateful and qualified.

To broaden his client base, Atty. Davison, realized it was time to step-out-on faith, and hang his own shingle to be inclusive of the then growing Hispanic population as well. He have fought battles in the courtroom in the areas of criminal and family law, eased the pain of many Hispanic issues which are similar to those of African-American decent clients and his practice has grown trough referrals; and now more than ever Davison is confident he is the right man to serve as a “Fair” judge to all you come into the court room.

If one wonders why Davison chose to become Independent over joining the Democrat or Republican Party, the answer should be clear; his desire is to serve everyone fairly regardless of PARTY!