Judge Alicia Brooks Seeks Re-Election

Alicia Brooks and husband


CHARLOTTE, NC – Several weeks ago Judge Alicia Brooks hosted a gathering of friends and supports to announce her bid for re-election as District Court Judge.

After mingling with guest and enjoying hors d’oeuvres, she thanked all for coming and shared the following remarks.

“I have enjoyed the last three years and a half as a District Court Judge. As a former District Attorney and former defense attorney, I have learned to listen to both sides and to treat others with respect and to understand that everyone deserves a chance to be heard.”

For those unfamiliar, Brooks informed that she serves as a Treatment Court Judge presiding over Recovery Court and Wellness Court where they work with clients who enter the system with substance abuse issues and sustained persistent mental illness to reclaim their lives. In addition, she works with youth and their families in Truancy Court.

In closing, she said, “I am on the ballot in November and I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Mecklenburg county, and would like to have everyone here’s support.”